Pressure tests are used to prove there is a phyiscal water leak before we continue. An appliance that uses water such as an evaporative airconditioner can sometimes cause you to receive a leak letter when it’s operating normally.  (the higher water usage compared to your winter use causes a false positive)


If the leak is hidden we can use thermal imaging to look for it without cutting up walls or breaking concrete.

This saves majorly on repair costs of the job. 


Once we’ve fixed the leak it’s time to repair the damages done by the leak and looking for it.

Your insurance may cover everything except the leak itself, you should call them as soon as you get off the phone with us.

We can now locate leaks without all the damages!
Ask us about thermal imaging today.

Save Money

The damages done while looking for a hidden leak can be costly to repair. Thermal imaging allows us to find most leaks before we start cutting holes in anything.

Save Water

Hidden leaks can cost you more than you realise. Does your water meter still spin when everything is off? You could be paying to water the ground below your house, or even worse, somewhere inside your home!

Cold Drafts

We can locate cold spots in your house and help determine where the cold is getting in. You can save on your heating and cooling.

Rising Damp

We can look for the source of your damp walls before the problem gets worse. Don't ignore this cause of mould, illness and costly damages.